Arts Summer Camps for Kids, Tweens, and Teens Compared Side-by-side

A comparison of the programs, sessions, schedules, and tuition of the sister camps of Ballibay Camps, Inc.

Established in 1964, The Ballibay Camps share a beautiful 174-acre mountaintop campus in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The camps share the same residential and foodservice facilities, but offer different programs and daily schedules, somewhat like different colleges within a university. The total campus population of all camps combined never exceeds 200 people. Becasue the camps use overlapping areas of the campus and share many staff, it is typically easy for campers attending any one of the camps to take advatage of the programs offered by any of the other camps. Please contact us for more information: 570-746-3223

for the Fine &
Performing Arts
The Farm
Arts Camp
Dance Camp
The Rock Farm
Camp Sessions
length 3, 4 or 7 wks 2, 4, 6, or 8 wks 2 or 4 wks 2, 4, 6, or 8 wks
# sessions 2 4 2 4
months June, July & August June, July & August July & Early August June, July & August
2015 tuition $4300-5100 / session $2900 / session $2900 / session 2900 / session
Early Discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Status Online Registration Open Online Registration Open Online Registration Open Online Registration Open
Camper Info
Ages 8-16 8-16 8-16 8-16
Gender Coed Coed Coed Coed
Population up to 140 up to 70 up to 35 up to 35
Experience Not Required Not Required Required Required
Theater Activities
Acting Yes No No No
Classes Yes Yes No Yes
Technical Yes Yes No Yes
Other Arts Activities
Art Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Music Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Dance Yes Yes2 Yes, all day Yes1,2
Video Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Radio Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Rock Yes No No Yes, all day
Other Activities
Riding Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Tennis Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Swimming Yes Yes Yes1 Yes1
Other Sports Yes4 Yes4 Yes4 Yes4
Movement Yes3 Yes3 Yes3 Yes1,3
Activity Structure
Elective Activities n/a5 n/a5 Yes (1 hr/day) Yes (2+ hrs/day)
Practice Time Yes Ample Limited Ample
Free Time Yes Ample Limited Yes
Individual Choice Individual Choice Movement Styles, Technique, Composition, Rehearsal Lessons, Rehearsals,
Individual Choice Individual Choice Dance Classes, Rehearsals, Electives Lessons, Rehearsals,
Free Time, Sports,
Individual Choice
Free Time, Sports,
Individual Choice
Free Time, Sports,
Rehearsals, Electives
Free Time, Sports,
Activities &
Nighttime Program Art or
Nighttime Program
Rehearsal or
Nighttime Program
Rock or
Nighttime Program
Website visit visit visit visit

1 Only during elective times
2 Only "open" classes
3 If available
4 Optional sports are available every day after dinner
5 A completely individual choice program; elective time is not applicable

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